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14 days…


until we get to hold our little buddy!  Most of our details are all together, we are getting last minute things together.  We’ve learned more about what the process looks like from here–still lots of meetings, appointments, reports, money, taxis, meals, etc.

Please pray for us.


New photos!!



Malachi here we come!!!


We found out great news today!  Our travel date to adopt Malachi Aleksandar is October 4th!!  We are working on travel details now, but will most likely be leaving October 1st.  This is the blog that we’ll be updating as we find out info and share our trip with you, so visit often.

We started our adoption journey 423 days ago.  We never would have dreamed of all the ups and downs.  Living through the difficulties speaks of the value/battle for Malachi’s life.  He is so special, and we believe the Lord has great plans in store for him, and for our family with him in it.

Please pray for us.  Our journey is really just beginning!