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Update from home


The last 5 days at home in Sioux Falls has had some ups and some downs.  On a positive note, Malachi is doing WONDERFUL!  We can already tell he is exploring, taking more in, reaching, looking, etc.  Has is eating well–not with a spoon yet–although he has been watching us more and more closely as we eat with a spoon, and we are over exaggerating the joys of eating with utensils!  He is having regular bowel movements (they have been much softer as we’ve incorporated a steady intake of prune juice to his diet), and he seems to be sleeping much better.  In Serbia, he slept like a fish out of water–literally flopping and kicking all night.  He also wouldn’t sleep until he did his night time routine of rocking, sucking, etc.  Now, he sleeps like a log, and hasn’t been doing any sleep routines.  He LOVES the bath–it’s his and our favorite time of the day.

The harder parts have been with us!  The first few days back, our main emotion was concern and worry.  Every little face he made or whimper was “is he okay?  What was that?  What do we do?”  On Saturday, he was really fussy, he wasn’t eating, he felt hot, and we were freaking.  We took him to the weekend clinic, and it was there that we realized, we need to chill out a little!  The doctor was so unmoved, and found nothing other than a boy that might be fighting off a tiny bug.  When we got home, Malachi ate and slept most of the day.  Needless to say, we are learning lots, and learning to relax a little too!

Other than that, we are rejoicing, and having a blast.  It is so fun to introduce Malachi to new toys, and new rooms in our home.  He seems to be enjoying freedom to play and explore and learn.  His little mind seems to be absorbing so much.  It is a joy to see.

We feel he is starting to know there is something about us–we’re still here–these same people aren’t leaving!  However, it’s hard to tell what his concept of attachment and “parents” are yet.  Everyday seems to be getting better and better though.


An old journal entry


I came across this journal entry dated mid-December ’09:

I continue to be stirred for the orphans of the world.  God is putting a desire in me to be a father to the fatherless, and to pour out love on those that have been robbed of that need.  I am excited for Megan and I to journey into parenthood, and see what the Lord has.  I have been overjoyed to dream about raising children (in my mind, lots of kids—we’ll see what the Lord has planned!) in this community (at the Firehouse) and in the House of Prayer.  I’m so intrigued to watch the Lord continue to use the foolish things of the world to confound me.  Orphans are the least and the foolish of our world, but they have so much to teach us all, and I believe the Lord will use them to show the world/the Church what is in God’s heart.


Revelation of the Father’s heart–6


God wants to clean up our messes immediately.

When we first got Malachi, he hadn’t gone to the bathroom (#2), for several days.  We were trying everything to get him going–apple juice, prune juice, prayer, moral support, etc.  Finally, as we laid him in bed on the 3rd night, he got really fussy, and pushed & pushed.  One quick peek revealed what we were hoping for!  Full of excitement, and joy, we rushed to the living room to change his diaper.  We were so proud of him, and told him so the whole changing process.

As we laid him back into bed, it hit us–if we didn’t adopt him, the poor guy would have slept in a mess all night.  No one would have been there to help him get clean and comfortable for a good night rest.  It is justice that Malachi can sleep well, and not have a chapped bum tomorrow.
Sometimes when I sin, I don’t let the Lord clean me up.  I feel like I deserve to be uncomfortable, in my own mess.  To stay in my mess is to live in the spirit of an orphan.  But I’m not an orphan!  I can let my Father clean me up–NOW.
Thank you for Lord for Justice.


Home Safe


After a LONG, LONG day (about 24 hours) of travel, we made it to Sioux Falls on Wednesday night.  Malachi was such a trooper–probably more than his parents!  We were all super exhausted.  Traveling can be hard enough, but with the new responsibility for a life, customs, international airports, delays, immigration, and doing it all sleep deprived, proved to be one of the harder days of our lives.  Thank you so much for your prayers.  We needed them!

We’ve all slept and rested for a couple days, and are getting adjusted to the new time.  Letting the sun shine in to our place, showing Malachi his toys and room, and just being home feels so good.  Although his life has completely changed, we are so proud of how Malachi is accepting the changes.  More to come…!


Revelation of the Father’s heart–5


God wants a Bride for His son Jesus.

Today after 10 hours of playing, bathing, changing diapers, laughing, eating, cooing, tickling, etc., Megan and I sat down and looked at each other in the eyes.  We kissed, and I was overwhelmed with a revelation of God’s heart.  As wonderful as Malachi is, and as fun as it was to play all day, our connection can only get so deep right now.  When Megan and I looked, and held each other, there was a mutual understanding.  She kissed back–and there wasn’t slobber all over it!  We both gave and received love freely and from an equal ground.  Jesus is worthy of a bride that will gaze at him with love and tenderness and say, “You are so wonderful!  I love you.”  The words will be backed by action as well.  Two-year old love is not what Jesus deserves.  Since we are the Bride of Christ, I want to encourage us all to press in to more of God.  Let’s give Jesus pure, mature love.


Revelation of the Father’s heart–4


God wants to break us out of our “orphanage behaviors.”

It has been so hard to watch Malachi enact the behaviors that he’s learned in 2 years of orphanage life.  Watching him hit his head on things, or rock, or grind his little teeth is unbearable to see.  It’s a painful reminder of the lengths we go to for comfort, stimulation or love.  Tonight after a longer episode of “orphanage behavior,” the Lord spoke to both Megan and I the same thing–“I want to break you out of the behaviors that you’ve embraced for comfort, stimulation and love.”

We talked about the things we gravitate toward rather than resting in an embrace of Love that sees the bigger picture.  Malachi can’t grasp the life that awaits him, but as his parents, we can.  We have gone to the ends of the earth for him, and we will do everything with Malachi’s best in mind.  The Lord sees the bigger picture–He is worthy of our trust, He has given all for us, and  He is there.
Lord, help us to break out of our “orphanage behaviors,” and rest in your embrace alone.


Malachi’s Slow Introduction


To all friends and family:

Thank you so much for your encouragement and celebration with us.  We are thrilled and so thankful for all the Lord has allowed us to do here, and it has been a joy to share as much as possible of the journey.
We are going to ease into our life in Sioux Falls slowly, and with Malachi’s best interest in mind.  In all the research we’ve done, and in the time we’ve shared with our adoption counselor in Sioux Falls, we are in the phase of attachment and bonding.  This is a critical time for us as a family, and want to do everything we can to make the best of it.  We’ve learned a little about how Malachi’s world has been totally flipped upside down, and to help him is to introduce new people and new things cautiously.  We are also experiencing some of his “orphanage behaviors,” that are hard to see, and sometimes happen because he isn’t used to all the stimulation.
I’m sharing all this to say, I’m not sure how soon we’ll be jumping in to normal life, and we will be feeling out how Malachi is adjusting to his new life.
We can’t wait for you to meet him, but it make take a little time!
Thank you for your patience and understanding.