Day 1


Our journey started yesterday at 3pm.  After 3 connecting flights and 18+ hours of travel, we made it to Belgrade, Serbia!!  Everything has gone incredible smooth so far–our luggage made it too!

Somewhere over something

Coffee & snack break in Munich, Germany

Vanilla Cappacino--Yes please!

When we arrived in Serbia, we met Jasmina.  Wow, she is incredible.  She is a reformer.  On the way to our apartment (which was quite scary–the mixture of Belgrade traffic and our driver, reminded us of a ride at an amusement park!), Jasmina explained a bit more about the Serbian laws/views on children with special needs, and the battle that she encounters everyday.  There are laws here that prohibit the adoption of children with special needs.  Jasmina is laboring to change that.  With only knowing her for a couple hours, I have a new burden to pray for her daily.

After checking in to our apartment, Ivan (the landlord) showed us around “the neighborhood.”  That isn’t what they call it here, but that is basically what it is.  He showed us the local groceries, local eateries, parks, coffee shops, taxi cab pickups, outdoor markets, etc.  Everything you need is within a 2 minute walk.  It was very helpful, and it was fun to ask him questions.  It is so amazing to be in a place, and ask questions that seem so normal to us, and then have someone laugh because they think the question is strange!

View from apartment

View from apartment

View #3 from apartment

Our apartment

We just went to the store and bought groceries for breakfast for the next couple days–including coffee!!  I’m excited to try the local beans!  After getting those things, we bought a pizza for dinner.  It was incredible, and was $6.50–I like that kind of conversion.  Trying to interact with the local grocery and restuarant workers is difficult.  We’ve already experienced how far a smile can go.  People have been extremely helpful as they realize we don’t have a clue what they are saying, or what we are doing.

Other things we’ve noticed:

  • The public seems much more quiet in Europe.  In the German airport and in Belgrade, public places seem more peaceful.  We noticed that you aren’t being forced to listen to something, or read an advertisement every second of everyday.  We enjoyed the peace, and the freedom to just think!
  • When Serbian people are talking together, and we don’t know what they are saying, it almost seems like they are fighting.  The tone of how they talk to each other seems harsh, but we don’t think it is.  Do Americans sound like that to foreign visitors?

We are going to bed!  Can’t wait–it’s 9:00pm here, and we are meeting Jasmina at 10am to tour the city a little and go to a concert!  Sunday afternoons have live concerts in a local park.  Thank you for your prayers.  We can feel them!



  1. Wow ya’ll- you’re finally there! What an awesome adventure the Lord has you on…I’m praying for you all and love you TONS:) Can’t wait to meet my new nephew!

    • I’m imagining the thoughts that will go through your heads three years from now if you were to re-read these posts “Malachi, Here We Come”…
      I bless you guys.

  2. WHOO HOO!!!!! I’ve been dying for an update! You are in the same apartment that Shelley and I stayed in when we were there in April. I have the same pictures of the views out the windows, only there was more laundry hanging on the other balconies off to the left! ROFL So excited for you to meet your little guy. Please please please give Jasmina a HUGE hug from Leah, and beg her to let you take a picture of “my girl”. Jasmina works miracles every day, and we pray that she can see one more miracle one day…the day that “M” gets to come home with us. It will be nothing less than a miracle at this point, and we will never stop praying for that very miracle to happen!

  3. I work in a pharmacy and there are a ton of refugees that we fill for. As far as the language thing goes…I have wondered the same thing. Whether it is people from Sudan, Vietnam, or Bosnia….they always seem to be yelling at/to each other. I am so excited for you to be there, but I am so jealous at the same time. 🙂 So happy to know you are so close to your son (and closer to mine too!)

  4. So glad you made it safely!! Jasmina is a wonderful woman! I think the talking is European thing..my Ukrainian grandmother sounds similar! 🙂 Enjoy your day! Can’t wait to see you little guy in your arms!!

  5. I am so glad you made it safely to serbia!

    I hope you enjoy your time there, Soon you will be holding your new son!!!

    I am praying for you, and I will be following along on your journey 🙂

  6. Thank you for the update! I have been thinking about you guys and wondering how you have been doing! I can’t wait to see pictures of your first meeting with your son! I hope you feel God carrying you through your journey! I’m so excited for you! Amy

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