Day 4–Meeting Malachi!!


What an amazing day we’ve had!  We met Jasmina in front of the St. Sava Cathedral at 10:30am and walked to the Ministry Building for our meeting.  There were 13 people present (including Megan and I).  4 Ministry Officials, 4 Social Workers from Nis (city where Malachi was born–3 hours south), Jasmina, Jasna (our lawyer/translator), and the orphanage psychologist.  It was very laid back as they read all of Malachi’s birth history, told about his parents, his medical reports, and his developmental reports.  At this point, they asked, “do you still want to adopt him?”  Without hesitation, we answered “YES!”  One of the ministry officials pulled us aside after the meeting and just said, “on a personal note, I really admire what you are doing.  It is so wonderful and encouraging.”  The man was so kind and encouraged us a great deal.

From there we left to go to the orphanage.  We walked in and saw him in his crib.  He was actually real!  After months and months of dreaming about this little boy, he all the sudden was real.  We went to a side room and got to hold him and play with him.  All the social workers and people from the meeting were watching our interactions with him.  While that seemed intimidating before, we were so glued on Malachi, we didn’t even notice them.

WE LOVE HIM!! He is so wonderful.  It is going to be so exciting to see him thrive and flourish in our family and in America.  He won’t be in his crib anymore!

He makes noise all the time!  It’s so cute.  You’ll hear it on the video, but he’s blowing bubbles through his cheeks.  Sometimes it really sounds like farts–so funny.

After we got to hang out with him for an hour or so, we took him on his first car ride, and photo shoot!  We needed to get photos taken for his visa and passport.  He was adorable in his hat.  For me (Nate), the taxi ride was so special.  We took him during his normal time to take a nap, so he was relaxed and rested so pleasantly.  He just looked around and was looking up at me.  It was sinking in at that moment how special he is, and what a gift the Lord is giving us.

After the photos, we left him at the orphanage and walked home.  Jasmina helped us buy some amazing bread, cheese and condiments for a late lunch.  We’ve come back and tried to process all that is happening in our hearts.  It is too much for words.  We feel so much love.  We feel so much joy knowing the life Malachi will get to start soon.  We feel overwhelmed with the reality of becoming parents & to a little one that needs lots of attention and love.  We feel thankful to have good meetings and contacts.  We feel emotionally exhausted.  We feel inspired.  I could go on an on with the “We feels….”

We’ll continue to post photos & videos & share stories.  Please pray for good connections in the next few days.  Developmentally, Malachi doesn’t respond to anyone that well, but we need/want to form good bonds, trust and the quicker he can respond to us, the better.  Thank you for your prayers and support.  Love you all.



  1. How exciting! Your excitement and love comes through loud and clear on your postings and the videos. Thank you for sharing these special times with you, as you walk the new journey of parenting. We look forward to meeting Malachi on your return to Sioux Falls!

    God’s love & blessings on all three of you~

  2. Beautiful !! Just Beautiful..
    What an awesome feeling to finally meet your baby..

    Enjoy your special time in country ..

    ~Jody ~

  3. I’m so happy I don’t have words!

  4. AHHHHHHH!!! So exciting!!! We can’t wait to meet him and welcome him into our family!!! I’ve been checking the blog all day every 10 minuites to see when you’d post about the big day. So thank you for posting even though you’re probably exhausted! I want to do cartwheels!

  5. Crying happy tears here! I am so incredibly happy for your family and for Malachi. I have no doubt that he’s going to grow and thrive in your family.

  6. I am overwhelmed with emotion. Just to see you with him and to know that his life has changed forever! God Bless you all!

  7. Congratulations!!! I am SO excited you have finally been brought together as a family! You all will be in my prayers.

  8. My heart is full of joy to see you with Malachi! He is precious and I hope we can meet him someday soon. Thank you so much for sharing your stories – it is a blessing for me to get to see you guys and so wonderful to see how much you already love him.

    Unfortunately, I do have one complaint… Megan, you are always hiding your belly! 🙂 Is it too much to ask for just one picture to see how adorable you are!?!

    Love you guys!


  10. Beautiful, amazing, blessed, love it!!!!!!! We’re praying constantly for the three of you over there! Love you!

  11. How amazing to see this. We are so excited for this beautiful journey you are on. We pray God will quicken the bonding process and that little Malachi will feel all the love you have for him.

    Love You!

  12. My eyes were so full of tears that I could hardly see the pictures… what a beautiful boy. So happy for you and we continue to pray!

  13. My heart is overjoyed!!! I Love the three of you so much and Kassy and I are so excited to see you guys. Malachi can feel your love!!! He is so special.

  14. I am so happy for you! He is just adorable!!

    God is Good.

    I am praying for you daily.


  15. He is going to SOAR when you get him home!!!!! Honestly, today was very overwhelming to him. Go read my friend ellen’s blog. Her daughter came home on December 31st, and has CP. She had a completely blank stare the first time they met her, and they were really worried about the amount of damage done from the institutional environment. Well, their little girl is jabbering away in English, (she talks non stop!) and started preschool this fall. She is a prime example of what happens with the stimulation of a home environment and a loving family. Don’t worry, he’s going to do fantastic!

  16. Congratulations!! How sweet! So thankful that he is going home to his family! Can’t wait to hear about him blossoming with you guys! Enjoy the rest of your time..

  17. The thought in my mind as I read this blog and looked at your amazing photos and video is being excited for the amazing blossoming Malachi will do as he grows up in the wonderful and loving arms of his mom and dad. Bless you both! Laurie and Tom

  18. I mean bless all THREE of you! 🙂

  19. Congrats! I like the spiked hair in the picture at the top!

  20. Your family here in Loveland, Colorado are all SOOO excited for you – it’s wonderful to see you finally able to hold Malachi – and we are praying that all will go well there. He’s adorable – love his “chortle”! We love you all.
    Aunt Anne & Uncle Kelly

  21. What incredible pictures that display your love for Malachi and God’s goodness in bringing you to this day. We celebrate this day with you!

  22. It made my heart so indescribably happy to see the pictures and read the post! How incredible!! Your sweet little boy! Nate and Meg, Malachi could not have ended up in a better family than yours! I really hope to meet him someday soon so I can hug him to bits!


  23. Wow…He is really precious! And I can see how much you love him already. Thanks for keeping us posted! Can’t wait to see you all here!

  24. Ah! It’s so exciting to see and hear you two across the world with your son 🙂 I am so excited for you guys. God is so faithful- hugs from Boston!

  25. What a picture of God’s love right here on Earth. You three (well, four, really) have such an amazing journey ahead of you. God’s richest blessings on you all.

  26. I just wanted to add, when we were with him in April, he was SO responsive to us, and very excited to have us playing with him! I’m sure he was very overwhelmed by the large number of people observing your interactions with him. He’s never been so much the center of attention before, with such a large group of people. Remember when we were there, it was just the two of us, plus Jasmina who he knows, in the room with him. A VERY different scenario. He WILL come around very quickly. You’ll see…

  27. I have been looking here all night! So happy for you!

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