Day 8


Malachi was feeling much better today.  He was so happy and content.  Enjoy the highlights of our time:



  1. I am just laughing along with Malachi. His smile and laugh are so infectious! It is cool how responsive he is! We are excited for you to be able to bring him back to his new home.

  2. HA!!!! I love his face when he heard the beeping. What a hoot! When he was laying with his chin on your arm, it looked like maybe he has molars coming in? I bet he picks up on the signs for “Mommy” and “Daddy” really fast!

  3. What an adorable and precious blessing. He just melts my heart. What a truly blessed and amazing family. You guys have been his parents since the day he was conceived. God knew exactly who he wanted that little boy to be with, so it is never too early for you to talk about being parents. Thank you for sharing this awesome journey with us!

  4. He looks so much like Elaina, especially when he is giggling, I can’t wait to get them together when you get home! Take Care!

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