Day 11–Tour of Orphanage


Today we only visited with Malachi for about an hour.  Our time was cut short because we took a tour of the orphanage.  Unfortunately, I can’t post any photos or videos of the children we met today.  We met LOTS of children today that were so full of life, and despite their circumstances were filled with joy.  When we would come into a new room, the children would run at us, clapping and slobbering all over the place!  Jasmina was worried they were going to hurt Megan with her pregnancy!

Quite a few of the children in this orphanage have Down Syndrome.  Some were more high functioning and were running and playing.  Others were very detached and just rocked or hit their heads on their beds.  There were several children that had very little activity in their brains, and the doctors “can’t believe they are still alive.”  As we stroked their heads and spoke softly, we asked Jesus to come and heal them.  Maybe our prayers will be answered in this life, and maybe not, but these children who are “the least” will be “the first” in His kingdom–fully healed and leading us all!

Sadly, many of the children in the orphanage are unwanted, or unable to be cared for, but they are not available for adoption.  The child’s parents need to sign off on them to make them available for adoption–internationally or domestically.  I can’t imagine how hard it would be to make that type of decision.  While life in the orphanage is not life in a family, this facility was actually quite wonderful.  It was clean, pretty up-to-date, and has wonderful staff.  It seems like most of the staff genuinely like, and care for the children.

Yesterday, we took a video of the outside of the orphanage:

Handing Malachi over, and watching him get put back into his crib is heartbreaking.  We are still waiting on the Official’s signature!  Thank you for your prayers.






  1. Wow! That you were able to touch (quite literally lay hands on) and pray for those children! I join up with you in prayer. Malachi is such a sweetie! Thankyou for letting me follow your journey. I pray one day I will be on the other side blogging about adopting with RR help as you have!

  2. I love you guys so much. Love is exactly what these kids need no matter if it is brief or for a life time and I cannot think of a better vessel than you guys. I am so happy to see the Lord use you in huge ways to continue to impact my life and anyone’s that you come in contact with for the kingdom of Christ. Love these photos. Super special! Miss you guys immensely.

  3. Wow!! Such a change in Malachi in such a short time! It’s so wonderful to see him standing and smiling and laughing and thriving so quickly! Congrats on your gorgeous boy!

  4. It just warms my heart the way he makes eye contact now and how he touches your face Meghan. What a precious little boy! We miss you guys. God Bless you!

  5. What a difference one week makes. Go Malachi!

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