Day 12–We have a signature!!


Today brought wonderful news!  The Ministry Official signed the report that we needed signed, and we will be heading to Nis at 6am tomorrow morning to complete the adoption.  Megan and I will officially become parents on October 14th! Wow!!

Today Malachi was not content unless he was being touched by one of us.  He reached for us all morning, and as soon as we’d set him down, he’d turn and reach again.  If he was playing with toys, he was leaning against us, or we would touch his back or rub his head.  Also, when we were leaving today, it became clear he was looking for us.  I think he’s realizing “something’s different about these people I met a week ago!”

The poor guy slammed his head a few times today.  He was sitting on my lap (Nathan), and threw himself down (I think he was trusting in us always catching him!), and his head slammed back & hit the ground.  It was heartbreaking to watch, and we scooped him up right away.  We were so proud of him–he cried!  Not long enough for that hard of a fall, but still, he did cry a little, and we hope he learns that it is okay to express those emotions, and we will be there for him when he does.  He gave this clear tub that holds toys a head check as well.  😦

Everyday this week, we’ve had a routine of walking to the orphanage in the morning, and after spending time with Malachi, we’d go to a bakery close by.  They have amazing sandwiches, pizza, pasteries, etc.  We’d get sandwiches, and sit at a local park bench to debrief about our morning and rest.  After lunch, on our walk home, we’d stop by a nice coffee/treat shop for coffee.  Both places had people that spoke english, so that helped in keeping us coming back!
PS–Any families coming to adopt here, visit “The Sweet Spot.”  That is the coffee/treat shop, and we told the owner we’d send people her way.  It is very close to the orphanage (I can send you a map).  Angelica, the owner, is a sweet woman that is fun to talk with, and she speaks great english.  She is super animated, and so intrigued as we shared some of our story.

Please pray for safe travel for us as we have a 3 hour drive (one-way) to Nis tomorrow.




  1. Wow that is just amazing to know that he has bonded with you and he finds comfort in having his Mom & Dad around! How exciting! Congrats to the Phillips family!

  2. YAY! So glad the signature came and it’ll all be official tomorrow. Malachi has no idea how his little life is going to change on Friday!

  3. Hoorah for a signature! Aaron and I were just talking about what you were eating while there, so thanks for sharing. We’ll be praying for safe journies tomorrow.

  4. Thank you GOD for answered prayer!

  5. Getting that signature so quickly must have been God answering many prayers! Due to the time change, I have just finished reading about it, even though in SF it is already Oct. 14th and you have probably already made your trip to Nis to complete the adoption process. I will be praying for all to move smoothly and safely.

    Best Wishes~

  6. I’m so happy for all of you! Come home safe and sound!

  7. You’re probably just getting up there, and getting ready to start your travels to Nis. Prayers for safe travels, and blessings on your day.

  8. Awesome!

    I have enjoyed following your journey 🙂

    Are you in the same orphanage as Lisette? I love her!

    Did you guys find it awkward to have the staff watching you all the time?? How did that work out? We adopted from Ukraine and it’s not like that there but are thinking about Serbia next….

    I’d love to hear your opinion 🙂

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