Day 15


It was cold & gloomy out today, so we never left the apartment.  Our day started at 6am because someone (I bet you can guess who!) was wide awake, kicking and laughing, and talking.  It felt like a long day, but it was great.  It is starting to sink in…this is everyday from here forward!


Nap Time





  1. Congratulations you guys!!! I am SO happy for you. It’s finally here!!! I love todays posts. Especially of Megan and Malachi sleeping together. SO SWEET! He is so comfortable with you two. God is so good.


  2. What a beautiful day. A boy, a mom, and a dad, just enjoying a Saturday together. Is there anything better than that???? PERFECT!!!

  3. I love to hear him laughing!!! When do you get to come home? So glad to see that he seems to be adjusting so well!

  4. WOW I didn’t know that he was crawling! That is awesome. I am betting that has happened because of an amazing new Mom and Dad! You just have to come home soon because we miss you both and want to meet that little boy! Love you guys! Praying for you!

  5. Amazing you guys… we continue praying for you and that the passport and visas will be quickly processed so you can bring your family home intact, very soon! Congratulations! We are so proud of you guys. When I was watching your videos, I felt this exhortation to keep pouring out extravagently upon him… he will learn to receive encouragement, to trust, to love, to celebrate – and so many other WONDERFUL things he’s never had before – all because of your faithfulness. You’re doing great! Blessings, Mike & Kristi

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