Day 17


Lots of errands today.  Medical exam, passports, photos, paperwork, etc.  We are tired & hope to rest well tonight.  We have a visa interview at 11:30am tomorrow morning.  Please pray that goes smoothly.  If so, and the processing of the visa goes quickly, we might be able to leave Wednesday afternoon!

PS–Last night, Malachi make poopy!



  1. ROFL!!!!! Yes Indeed you are officially parents when you start talking about “poopy” with anyone that will listen!!! Love it!

  2. Did you EVER think you would be so excited about poop? What a hoot!!! Love you!

  3. Keep us posted! So glad that Malachi is in your hands and is doing great.


  4. Hooray for poop!

  5. You are almost done!!! I’m sure it is hard! Prayers!

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