Revelation of the Father’s heart–3


If we are having a hard time learning something, the Lord comes behind us and shows us how to do it.
Often, I have thought of the Lord telling me to do things from a coach/drill sargent perspective.  With His finger pointing in my face saying, “I told you this,” and “do it this way.”  God is so patient and kind.  He comes behind us, takes us by the hand and helps us, walking it out with us.  He doesn’t teach us by barking orders & expecting perfection.  He walks with us, hand in hand, and gently whispers in our ears, reaffirming our progress.


One comment

  1. He is truly a kind and gentle father! He does let us fall sometimes, but when he picks us up, he is always so tender as he brushes us off and wipes away our tears. Hey, you might want to read this post. You’ll see some pictures of Malaki in the video. http://myianna.blogspot.com/2010/10/just-glimpse.html

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