Malachi’s Slow Introduction


To all friends and family:

Thank you so much for your encouragement and celebration with us.  We are thrilled and so thankful for all the Lord has allowed us to do here, and it has been a joy to share as much as possible of the journey.
We are going to ease into our life in Sioux Falls slowly, and with Malachi’s best interest in mind.  In all the research we’ve done, and in the time we’ve shared with our adoption counselor in Sioux Falls, we are in the phase of attachment and bonding.  This is a critical time for us as a family, and want to do everything we can to make the best of it.  We’ve learned a little about how Malachi’s world has been totally flipped upside down, and to help him is to introduce new people and new things cautiously.  We are also experiencing some of his “orphanage behaviors,” that are hard to see, and sometimes happen because he isn’t used to all the stimulation.
I’m sharing all this to say, I’m not sure how soon we’ll be jumping in to normal life, and we will be feeling out how Malachi is adjusting to his new life.
We can’t wait for you to meet him, but it make take a little time!
Thank you for your patience and understanding.


  1. We very much understand. Malachi’s adjustment and your rest is the top priority. Just know we continue to support you, Tom and Laurie

  2. After the crazy pace you have been experiencing and the upheaval in Malachi’s life and routine, I think you are wise in easing back into SF life gradually for yourselves, as new parents, and for Malachi as he takes in so many new faces, environments and changes. Our prayers will continue to be with all three of you as you do this! Thank you for sharing this amazing adoption journey with us!! I feel as if I have been right there through smiles, tears & giggles!

  3. You and Megan are the best teachers Malachi could ever have, keep up the great work and let us know how we can help. Good luck on your trip back and welcome back to the USA! Our love, prayers and support for all three and half of you.


    Bill & Judi

  4. Thank you for sharing this site and your journey with us. We rejoice with you in the adoption of your precious son. We will have you in our prayers. I pray the transition is easy and seamless and Malachi adjusts and bonds quickly. God bless.:)
    Keith and Kayla Johnsons

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