Revelation of the Father’s heart–4


God wants to break us out of our “orphanage behaviors.”

It has been so hard to watch Malachi enact the behaviors that he’s learned in 2 years of orphanage life.  Watching him hit his head on things, or rock, or grind his little teeth is unbearable to see.  It’s a painful reminder of the lengths we go to for comfort, stimulation or love.  Tonight after a longer episode of “orphanage behavior,” the Lord spoke to both Megan and I the same thing–“I want to break you out of the behaviors that you’ve embraced for comfort, stimulation and love.”

We talked about the things we gravitate toward rather than resting in an embrace of Love that sees the bigger picture.  Malachi can’t grasp the life that awaits him, but as his parents, we can.  We have gone to the ends of the earth for him, and we will do everything with Malachi’s best in mind.  The Lord sees the bigger picture–He is worthy of our trust, He has given all for us, and  He is there.
Lord, help us to break out of our “orphanage behaviors,” and rest in your embrace alone.



  1. Thanks for the updates and words of wisdom. This is so true.

    Looking forward to seeing you sometime in the future!

  2. Seeing it this way is just amazing. So true but I have never thought of it like that before. Thank you!

  3. What truth. Thanks for the reminder to always keep searching for the things we turn to before God. We’re praying for your transition!!!!

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