Revelation of the Father’s heart–5


God wants a Bride for His son Jesus.

Today after 10 hours of playing, bathing, changing diapers, laughing, eating, cooing, tickling, etc., Megan and I sat down and looked at each other in the eyes.  We kissed, and I was overwhelmed with a revelation of God’s heart.  As wonderful as Malachi is, and as fun as it was to play all day, our connection can only get so deep right now.  When Megan and I looked, and held each other, there was a mutual understanding.  She kissed back–and there wasn’t slobber all over it!  We both gave and received love freely and from an equal ground.  Jesus is worthy of a bride that will gaze at him with love and tenderness and say, “You are so wonderful!  I love you.”  The words will be backed by action as well.  Two-year old love is not what Jesus deserves.  Since we are the Bride of Christ, I want to encourage us all to press in to more of God.  Let’s give Jesus pure, mature love.



  1. I so appreciate being able to read your postings. What a journey, what a blessing. Praying for all 3 of you! Blessings. Lori Lewison

  2. Let us know when you have safely arrived back in SF. I have been praying for safe travels for you.

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