Revelation of the Father’s heart–6


God wants to clean up our messes immediately.

When we first got Malachi, he hadn’t gone to the bathroom (#2), for several days.  We were trying everything to get him going–apple juice, prune juice, prayer, moral support, etc.  Finally, as we laid him in bed on the 3rd night, he got really fussy, and pushed & pushed.  One quick peek revealed what we were hoping for!  Full of excitement, and joy, we rushed to the living room to change his diaper.  We were so proud of him, and told him so the whole changing process.

As we laid him back into bed, it hit us–if we didn’t adopt him, the poor guy would have slept in a mess all night.  No one would have been there to help him get clean and comfortable for a good night rest.  It is justice that Malachi can sleep well, and not have a chapped bum tomorrow.
Sometimes when I sin, I don’t let the Lord clean me up.  I feel like I deserve to be uncomfortable, in my own mess.  To stay in my mess is to live in the spirit of an orphan.  But I’m not an orphan!  I can let my Father clean me up–NOW.
Thank you for Lord for Justice.



  1. I can relate! I remember I was so worried about my daughter when she was about 2 or so. I even took her to the doctor. I was so happy when she decided it was time while she was in the bathtub!

  2. WOW I am so glad that you are home! I will patiently await to see that little guy! Meghan I am so glad that you are back in Sioux Falls. You have to be exhausted. Please rest when you can!

  3. I love the spiritual connections that you are learning from your adoption process and from becoming a parent. I know that once I became a parent, I could relate so much more with what it means to be a “child” of God. God’s plans for us can draw us so much closer to Him. Thank you for sharing your “revelations.” I hope you keep having more and more of those!

    Also, glad that you are at home and beginning the process of settling into your home and routine with Malachi! You are only at the beginning of a great life adventure. Just remember that you have a church family who wants to support you as you walk this new journey of parenthood.


  4. Thank you for posting this. A message I’ve been needing to hear. It makes so much sense when it is written from this perspective.

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