Update from home


The last 5 days at home in Sioux Falls has had some ups and some downs.  On a positive note, Malachi is doing WONDERFUL!  We can already tell he is exploring, taking more in, reaching, looking, etc.  Has is eating well–not with a spoon yet–although he has been watching us more and more closely as we eat with a spoon, and we are over exaggerating the joys of eating with utensils!  He is having regular bowel movements (they have been much softer as we’ve incorporated a steady intake of prune juice to his diet), and he seems to be sleeping much better.  In Serbia, he slept like a fish out of water–literally flopping and kicking all night.  He also wouldn’t sleep until he did his night time routine of rocking, sucking, etc.  Now, he sleeps like a log, and hasn’t been doing any sleep routines.  He LOVES the bath–it’s his and our favorite time of the day.

The harder parts have been with us!  The first few days back, our main emotion was concern and worry.  Every little face he made or whimper was “is he okay?  What was that?  What do we do?”  On Saturday, he was really fussy, he wasn’t eating, he felt hot, and we were freaking.  We took him to the weekend clinic, and it was there that we realized, we need to chill out a little!  The doctor was so unmoved, and found nothing other than a boy that might be fighting off a tiny bug.  When we got home, Malachi ate and slept most of the day.  Needless to say, we are learning lots, and learning to relax a little too!

Other than that, we are rejoicing, and having a blast.  It is so fun to introduce Malachi to new toys, and new rooms in our home.  He seems to be enjoying freedom to play and explore and learn.  His little mind seems to be absorbing so much.  It is a joy to see.

We feel he is starting to know there is something about us–we’re still here–these same people aren’t leaving!  However, it’s hard to tell what his concept of attachment and “parents” are yet.  Everyday seems to be getting better and better though.



  1. You don’t know me, but my children and I have been following the adoption of your little angel. I just want to say, Congratulations!!! You are officially parents, especially if you worry about the little things…that’s fabulous! My husband and I have been there with our bio kids, and you are certainly handling it just as we did. I joke that we should be on the frequent buyer plan at Urgent Care (we have 8)! Welcome to parenthood. What joys await you as you watch Malachi (beautiful name) experience life to the fullest, and our whole family is so happy for you! He is absolutely beautiful, so full of expressions, and he is blossoming each day…what a transformation he has undergone…I don’t know if you can see it, being so close to it each and every day, but the light in his eyes continues to grow as he experiences the love of his parents. God bless you, bathe him in prayer…it’s the best survival tool for parenthood! We love your little guy from a distance, and will pray for him and your family as you come to mind!
    Laurie Sparks

    • Hi Laurie,
      Thank you so much for the encouragement. We CAN see how much Malachi is growing and lighting up. We talk about it everyday, and praise God–he could still laying be in a crib! Blessings, Nathan

  2. Hi dear ones,
    This is Carolyn (Hope’s friend) in Colorado again. First, congratulations on bringing Malachi home! What an amazing thing you’ve done and you will be so blessed by that little guy. Second, it sounds to me like you guys are doing what all first-time parents do. Freak out a little, worry at every wimper, get excited about bowel movements and love bath time! Sounds like you are doing exactly what you should. thanks for letting me be part of your journey from afar.
    Carolyn Montonati

  3. nate and megan,

    i’m overwhelmed with joy for your growing family! thanks for sharing your hearts and your journey as you’ve welcomed malachi into the phillips clan with love. i can’t wait to read/see more and will continue to pray for your bun in the oven as well. 🙂


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