Letting go of Nathan


As some of you know, in the process of adopting Malachi, there was another little boy that kept coming into the picture and tugging on our hearts.  After a series of events and circumstances, we agreed that we would like to adopt Nathan as well!  According to Serbian law, we would not be able to complete Nathan’s adoption until a minimum of 6 months passed from Oct. 14th (Malachi’s adoption date).

While we were in Serbia, we prayed about this decision, and as we returned home, it was settled in our hearts that we needed to establish life with Malachi, and the new little one on the way (Zadok Asa–due Dec. 5th) before we jumped into another adoption.  The Lord may shift our hearts again–we want to stay open to what He wants, but we feel we need to focus on things at home for now.

We emailed Reece’s Rainbow and notified them of our decision last week.  Amazingly, another family stepped forward and agreed to adopt Nathan the very next day!!  We are so overjoyed that Nathan will be in a forever family, and it was confirmed so quickly that we made the right decision.

Blessings buddy



  1. I know that was a tough decision for you. Nathan and his family have an amazing life ahead of them, as you do with Malachi and the new baby! Blessings!

  2. Immediate affirmation…what a loving God!

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