Future Rower



  1. It was so much fun to meet this little “rower” this morning at The Point!! I felt as if I already knew him and appreciated his smile when I talked to him. Has he recovered from his first Sunday morning experience at The Point yet?

  2. Soooo cute!! What a delight he is to all of us, and we haven’t even hugged him yet!!!!!

  3. UNBELIEVABLE. Im going to bed tonight with a huge smile on my face. Im so moved that this little boy will have many episodes of laughter in his lifetime. Thank you for being kingdom people. I admire you both so much and Im praying for the upcoming arrival of baby Zadok. Megan, you can do it!!!! And it’s worth it. No fear girl. Wish I could be there. love to you from us.

  4. Is Malachi still rowing? He must be getting VERY tired by now. I keep checking for some new photos or videos but you haven’t been posting anything lately. I am sure that you must be really busy since your return to SF, getting ready for a new baby, etc. But, did want you to know that I have missed seeing the latest fun accomplishments of our “little guy” and his parents!

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