Asher’s Home!!!


Our little nephew, Asher Samuel Phillips was able to come home yesterday!  When he was born (2.5 months early, on Nov. 21st, 2010), the doctors said he’d be in the NICU up to a year.  The Lord is so good!  He was able to come home yesterday after 12 weeks in the NICU.  Megan and I have been amazed at watching David and Kassy lay down their lives for their son.  For the past 3 months, they’ve literally lived at Sanford Hospital, and been a blessing to other families in their same situation, as well as doctors and nurses.  David and Kassy have embraced this situation, seen the good in it, loved in the midst of pain, and are truly amazing people.  We love you guys!  And we love Asher!!




  1. Praise the Lord! 🙂

  2. your family is such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing Asher’s story. Also, I love the new pictures of your boys they are adorable!

  3. Watching your videos brings back many parenting moments with my children. It also reminds me of how much time was devoted to their care and how tired I felt, especially the first 6 months! There is definitely a reason why God planned for folks in my age group to be “grandparents” rather than “parents”!!

    Mike B.

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