Serbians Reunite


If you’ve followed Reece’s Rainbow in the past few years, I’m sure you remember a precious little boy named Sean.

Shortly into our adoption journey, we learned that Sean was from Serbia.  “Sean” is now “Sasha” and lives in Omaha, NE!  The Toomey family adopted him a few months before we got Malachi.  Malachi and Sasha lived on the same floor in the same orphanage!  Isn’t it amazing two boys in the same Serbian orphanage would end up 3 hours apart in America?
In February, Megan and I got to go visit the Toomey family!  It was so neat to get to meet Sasha, and the whole Toomey family.  They are amazing people and have beautiful hearts.  Check out their blog at: http://onestitchatatimetoomey.blogspot.com/

Malachi & Brooks Toomey

Heath Toomey

Sasha Toomey

One truly amazing boy!

The Toomey’s gave us a bunch of really nice toys for the boys.  Thank you guys!!  Malachi loves “the pond.”



  1. How awesome is that !!!!
    So glad you all got to meet..
    All the boys are so amazing!!

  2. Oh, you guys are SO sweet. I didn’t even know this post was on here. It totally brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for writing such a beautiful post about their reunion.

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