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Wild Water West


For Father’s Day this year (my very first one!), Bill & Judi Monsour sent us an amazing gift.  We got to go as a family to Wild Water West, the water park in Sioux Falls.  We decided to leave Zadok with a babysitter so we could focus on Malachi, and spend some quality two-on-one time with him.  What a joy it was to see Malachi play in the kiddy pools!!  We can’t wait to keep going back as Malachi (and Zadok), get older and more developed.  We can picture them having the time of their life!  THANK YOU BILL & JUDI!!


Zadok & Moriah


Megan and I have some amazing friends named Daniel & Karla.  They will be leaving soon to be missionaries in China.  We will miss them very much!  They have a little daughter named Moriah that is 2 months older than Zadok.  Megan and I joke about it, but we think they are perfect for each other!


Fun video


Malachi tries a popsicle


Our new home!


Anyone that receives our quarterly newsletters, knows we’ve been praying about new housing (thank you for praying with us!).  For the past 2.5 years, we’ve lived in a great little apartment owned by First Baptist Church.  That apartment was a huge blessing to our family, including getting to live in community with David and Kassy.  When we got the boys, we started outgrowing the apartment.  Also, in July, our apartment was bought by Sanford Hospital.  Time will tell what they will do with the place, but at any rate, we were going to have to start paying rent.  We were open to that, but were hoping to invest a rent payment into a place that would allow us to spread out a little.

Not to long after, we received word that a beautiful, HUGE home was available for rent.  This home is owned by First Baptist Church too, and Sanford plans to buy this one as well.  Potentially, we will be in the same situation as before, but we are all enjoying the space of our new home.


Zadok likes food



The Zoo


A couple weeks ago we got to take the boys to the Great Plains Zoo.  We had a blast!!  We plan to go back soon.