New song & video to celebrate Malachi


Last year, when we were in Serbia adopting Malachi, our days consisted of orphanage visits, lots of cheese and bread, and then hanging out in our apartment to see all the pictures we took.  To pass time, I made a video with a song I had written.  Here is that video:

This year, to celebrate Malachi’s life in our family, and his 3rd birthday, I wrote another song, and made another video!  I hope you enjoy it.  PS–the middle section with all the toy sounds is totally in Malachi’s honor.  He loves toys that make songs!!



  1. Hey there
    Love watching the videos and pics of your family! Love you guys and look forward to seeing you and meeting those adorable boys of yours!
    Love & Prayers
    Norm & Marlynn

  2. Love the video…God sure does shine through you guys!

  3. All I can say is WOW! You guys are amazing at what you have accomplished with that little guy! Anything is possible when you Trust in the Lord isn’t it? Love what you did with the music! Love you guys!♥

  4. These are both beautiful. I love seeing Mali with beautiful, healthy hair. When I scrolled down to his first day of preschool pictures, he looks so grown up! It’s amazing what a year’s worth of love and nutrition can do for a child. Our 1 year is coming up as well. I can’t believe how fast it’s gone.

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