Zadok turns 1!!


Zadok Asa turned 1 on December 14th.  We are so proud of him!  He is turning into quite the young man.  Enjoy the photos & videos.

We had a party at our house for Zadok.  It was a blast!!

Z loves his bubbles…



  1. Happy Birthday Zadok!!!
    I love the mohawk. 😉

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Beautiful Little Boy! He is just so so Precious! I must visit soon! Merry Christmas!

  3. AWwwwww Happy Birthday Zadok! He is so sweet and so is Malachi! You guys are so very blessed and we have so enjoyed recieving the updates. Did you know that Z and Shandel & Nathans baby ( Selah ) are birthday buddies? That is so cool. Selah was born Dec 14th this year and we are so loving being grandparents! Love and miss you guys and we look very forward to meeting your boys someday! Lord bless and keep up the good work! Love & prayers Norm & Marlynn

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