Day 16


For the past few days, I’ve been working on a video with pictures & clips.  The song is a song I wrote in June of this year.  Hope you enjoy!

Today was another day around the apartment.  In the morning (Monday), we’ll be going for Malachi’s medical exam.  This is needed to receive his visa.  Hopefully after the exam we can have our visa interview, but it will depend on the US Embassy’s schedule, and when Malachi’s passport arrives.  We aren’t totally sure when we’ll be able to leave–we can’t until the visa and passport are completed!

Also, today we were reminded that we definitely have a two-year old boy!  There was lots more fussing, sometimes clawing, scratching, biting, etc.  I don’t think he was necessarily trying to act out, but he wasn’t afraid to let us know when he wanted something, or wasn’t okay!  Please pray for us with all this.  We need help to “interpret” what he’s saying to us so we can help him.  Sometimes he’ll make these horrendous faces, and it looks like he’s in lots of pain.  He is teething, and we are trying to get him to poop too (he hasn’t since we got him).  Last night he slept lots better (so did his parents!), and we shared some very special moments as a family today too.



  1. I love your song! I am emailing you a couple of suggestions about the issues you posted about. I continue to pray for your family daily!!

  2. I loved your video, including the music! You captured so many wonderful moments and photos. You will cherish this forever and what a neat thing for Malachi to see when he is older! I could hardly wait for my children to begin talking so they could tell me what they needed or wanted. However, once they start talking they don’t quit!!!

    I will pray for your visa and passport documentations and papers to come through quickly for you.


  3. Beautiful song to go with equally beautiful pictures. I have emailed you as well.

  4. Love the song! Felt delight throughout the video. I laughed at the ending – parental reality at its’ best! Your son is the cutest thing ever! Megan, did you realize yet that “Malachi” rhymes with “little guy”? You’ll have to do something with that you know…

    Looking forward to your return, auntie sue

  5. I’ve been out of town all weekend, so this is my first chance to check in. I am so THRILLED for all of you! That video brings tears to my eyes. What a journey you have already been on….yet the real one has only just begun! Please feel free to email me anytime with any questions or anything that you have. I’ve certainly dealt with my fair share of trying to understand what the behavior is communicating, along with the difference in language. I’m here if you just need someone’s brain to pick.
    Congratulations Phillips family!!!!

  6. It will be good! Welcome to parenthood!


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